01.20.2011 ‘8BITS’ has got over 1 million viewed on internet ! WATCH

01.15.2011 ‘8BITS’ has been showed on Shortoftheweek

12.13.2010 ‘8BITS’ was published in DVD Stash 76

& has been selected to Fantastique Semaine du Cinéma
Nice, FR

& to the Japon Media Arts Festivals

12.06.2010 ‘8BITS’ has been selected to Sundance Festival 2011 !!

11.15.2010 ‘8BITS’ Interview on french TV channel NOLIFE TV

10.31.2010 ‘8BITS’ has been selected to onedotzero film festival !

10.03.2010 ‘8BITS’ in Telerama

10.02.2010 ‘8BITS’ has been selected to DAILYMOTION short film festival !

10.01.2010 ‘8BITS’ 500,000 views in two weeks ! Great thanks to everyone !

First page on Dailymotion during 3 days !

09.29.2010 ‘8BITS’ has been selected to Courts Devants short film festival !

09.29.2010 Interview ‘8BITS’ on FUBIZ

09.02.2010 Article for ‘8BITS’ in the newspaper Libération !

07.09.2010 ‘8BITS’ was received and graduated with honor for this
2010 Supinfocom promotion.

15.06.2009 Selected for the 2009 FrameStore Summer Internship!